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California Condo insurance coverage

Condo Insurance in California

When you are a condo owner, having condo insurance can protect you from many things that can go wrong. It's an intelligent choice to have this insurance in place as soon as you buy your condo. If you live in California and own a condo, give us a call at Lucas Insurance Services Inc in Valencia, CA to find out more about this coverage and to get started.

Protection for Your Home

Your condo is essential. It's a significant investment, and that investment should be protected with an insurance policy. Your condo insurance pays for damage done to your condo from several different incidents. These often include unavoidable accidents and disasters. Your condo policy covers all of the building areas that you own, but not areas like the outside walls that you don't. The outside of the walls are owned and insured by your condo board, so you don't have to cover those areas.

Coverage for your Possessions

This insurance type also covers your possessions that are inside your condo. If a disaster or other covered incident were to happen that ruined your belongings, your policy could help to pay for them to be replaced or repaired. This can save you an enormous amount of money and ensure that you don't have to start all over with no possessions.

Protecting Your Liability

Your condo is a place that you own, and as such a place, you are responsible if someone gets injured in your condo. If someone were to have an accident there, you would have to pay for the medical bills for that person. With a condo insurance policy, the policy would pay for those bills so that you won't have to.

Get Condo Insurance

If you own a condo and need insurance on it, don't wait. If you live in California, we can help you get condo insurance and find out more about it. Call us at Lucas Insurance Services Inc in Valencia, CA.

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