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Non Standard Auto Insurance

Drivers who don’t have anything negative on their driving record are eligible for standard auto insurance at great rates, but many other drivers may need to look for non-standard auto insurance policies.

At Lucas Insurance Services, we realize that not everybody has a clean driving record. DUIs, accidents, and even lapses in coverage can bump an individual into a higher risk assessment category. That’s why we offer non-standard auto insurance to those drivers who are finding it difficult to get affordable insurance.

We write policies for drivers who are difficult or impossible to place with other auto insurance companies. Drivers with the highest risk often have to go to an assigned risk pool, where the government forces an insurer to cover them, but at Lucas Insurance Services, we can offer high-risk individuals great policies at great rates.

We know that drivers whose poor driving record prevents them from getting a traditional insurance policy are in a particularly tough spot, but we want to help. Give us a call today, or fill out the form on this page for more information. Don’t let your driving record prevent you from getting the very best auto insurance!

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