Auto Insurance

The vehicle you drive has the ability to say a great deal about who you are. You may choose to drive a luxury automobile, a hybrid, an open-sided jeep, a classic pick-up truck, or a minivan. All are very different from one another, but they have an important common factor – owning any make or model vehicle requires the purchase of auto insurance. At Lucas Insurance Services we offer a range of auto insurance coverage from a basic CA car insurance policy to classic car insurance in California. No matter what you drive, we can supply you with the vehicle protection you require. Give us a call today at 888.694.0199 for details about our policies.

Business Insurance

Creating a stable business environment is a major goal for companies everywhere. One of the best ways to achieve stability and peace of mind is by investing in a commercial insurance package. Lucas Insurance Services offers a wide range of California business insurance policies that can be customized to fit the needs of any organization. If you need property coverage, we can do that. If you need group benefits, we can help you build a great benefits package for your staff. If you need general liability insurance, we can help you select the appropriate plan. No matter what risks you need to protect your company against, we can help you.

Entertainment Insurance

Entertainment insurance can be designed to offer protection for a variety of risk exposures. At Lucas Insurance Services, we specialize in the insurance requirements of the entertainment industry. Our policies range from production insurance, concert insurance and weather insurance to artist liability insurance, sporting event insurance and venue insurance. As an industry expert, we are able to help you identify your greatest areas of risk and will supplement those risk exposures with our comprehensive coverage plans. For more information about our entertainment insurance policies, contact us today.

Workers Compensation

Even when you have the best safety measures in place at your business facility, accidents are bound to happen. That’s part of the reason why businesses across the country are legally required to carry workers compensation insurance. Workers compensation not only helps your company meet the necessary legal obligations, but it is greatly beneficial to your staff by helping to cover medical expenses and more if they are injured while performing work duties. Lucas Insurance Services can insurance businesses throughout the Golden State with our customized California workers compensation insurance. Give us a call today at 888.694.0199 for more specific information about our workers comp policies.

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Our business insurance policies can be designed for the smallest of start-ups as well as the largest of Hollywood’s production companies. We offer well-rounded commercial packages that can include all possible liabilities, property coverage, group benefits, and more. So whether you require entertainment insurance for your film crews in LA and New York, or commercial liability insurance in California for your budding cupcake bakery, we have just what you need at Lucas Insurance Services.

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